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Squats – The King of Exercises

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Originally published in Jiu-Jitsu Magazine

For gaining strength and power, and for increasing lean muscle mass, the heavy squat is king. There is literally nothing you can do that will give you the same gains as the time you invest in properly squatting heavy loads. There are well documented examples of athletes making enormous gains in strength, and packing on pounds of muscle, some up to 29lbs in a single month, and others gaining 100lbs over a couple of years. And this is long before the availability of modern supplementation or performance enhancing drugs.

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Feeling Depressed? You May be Missing This Key Hormone...

D depression sunshine vitamin D's a critically important hormone, but over 70% of Americans and Europeans are moderately to severely deficient. Even though your body can manufacture it, it's probably not making enough. And if you're feeling depressed, you may need more.

This vital hormone has been mislabeled for years as... Vitamin D. And no matter how much 'enriched' milk you're drinking, it's almost impossible to get enough Vitamin D from your diet alone.

Vitamin D is critical in many areas including bone and joint health, cardiovascular health, sports performance, testosterone production, and mood.


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What Supplements I'm Taking Today

As a supplement company owner I get asked a lot what supplements I take. It's hard to give a simple answer.

It varies depending on my current health and goals. I also take occasional breaks where I don't take any supplements for 7-14 days to clear out my system.

Sometimes I even take competitors products to see how well they work. If there is a product I want to use but we don't sell it, I'll source the raw materials and make up capsules myself in the test lab. Occasionally I will purchase supplements I can't make from online retailers.


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Bone Broth - Magical Golden Elixir

bone broth collagen grass fed recipe recovery Superflex Type II tallow

During the mid-eighteenth century, innkeepers in France started serving weary travelers rich bowls of bone broth that they called 'resoratifs'. The inns became known as restaurants - or places to restore one's health.

Bone broth isn't just a soup stock or a bouillon drink, instead it's an almost magical elixir with a wide range of health benefits. It works synergistically with supplements like our Superflex Type II (for daily use) or T-888 UltraJoint (designed for injury recovery) making them work even better than when taken alone.

This is my...

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How to Instantly Kill Cravings With a Delicious Smoothie

cravings protein weight loss

Q5 VIP Lynne Doucette shared this great craving killing smoothie - Q5 Rich Chocolate Whey, coffee, and coconut milk blended with ice gives a great boost, satisfies cravings, and gives you the power to attack the day!

Whey Protein and how it can help manage appetite

Whey protein has long been touted as a great addition to a muscle building program. As a result, most people associate protein powders with muscle growth and putting on weight (muscle weight, in this case). Surprisingly, the powder also has other benefits, including the ability to help you...

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