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Why in the Hell Did You Go and Start Yet Another Supplement Company?

Because I'm 46 and still on the mats. Just like you I battle with the young lions everyday, and it's not getting any easier. And like you, I want to be able to keep training until I'm 80. But when I looked around for sports nutrition products designed to help us older athletes, I couldn't find the things that I needed. We've got to balance our health, performance, and recovery.

We need products that are powerful, with dramatic results that help us Stay in the Game. But we're not willing to sacrifice our long term health for short term performance gains. You're not interested in sugar coated candy supplements for kids, and you don't want semi-legal designer steroids that puff up your chest and shrivel your gear. Neither do I. So I started Q5 Labs to create great products designed for guys like us.

I've been grappling my whole life. In the Midwest where I grew up, wrestling is a part of the culture so I started competing at a very young age and stayed with it throughout school. When I moved to New England years ago I got involved in coaching youth wrestling here. It was after a wrestling practice that I got my first taste of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A friend dragged me to class kicking and screaming. (I really didn't want to put on a gi!) I got choked out about 20 times! That was all it took to hook me, and I haven't stopped since.

I'm sure you've got some battle scars. I know that in my 46 years my body has seen more than its share of abuse from grappling, football, the United States Marine Corps, and just general hard living. I've had more breaks, tears, and contusions than I can count. And in the past, I would bounce right back from those minor injuries, but the older I get the more important rest and nutrition are to the healing and recovery process. I know you've experienced the same thing. A 20 year old kid might be able to train on McDonald's and Coca-Cola, but if you and I try that we'll pay a heavy price.

Once I got interested in nutrition, I spent years studying everything I could find on the subject. I also became my own human guinea pig, spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on supplement testing and experimentation. While I was publishing the BJJ Weekly newsletter I used my access to some of the top experts in nutrition, training, and competing in the grappling world, to learn even more. I also researched and wrote articles covering nutrition and training.

Q5 Labs doesn't make products for naive 20 year old kids who believe every before and after picture they see in the shiny muscle mags. We don't sell "Get Huge in a Can". We don't sell magic weight loss beans or rainbow unicorns. We design products for guys like you and me. Guys who want to keep training at a high level and need nutritional support we can trust, without all the hype and bullshit.

These are the core ideas I believe are important to Q5:

  • I believe in being honest with our customers.
  • I believe in helping our customers maximize their enjoyment of a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • I believe the long term health of our customers is more important than short term performance gains or short term profits.
  • I believe clean, pure, potent ingredients are worth a little extra money in the long run.
  • I believe in using modern science and natural resources when developing products.
  • I believe in ongoing testing for efficacy and safety.
  • I believe in local manufacturing whenever possible.
  • I believe in avoiding artificial flavors, preservatives, colors or sweeteners whenever possible.

Q5 isn't for the 20 year old juice monkeys looking to bulk up so they can impress skanky chicks down at the local club. Q5 is for guys like you and me. We take our nutrition seriously, but we still want to have some fun and kick a little ass. And while most guys our age are passed out in their La-Z-Boy with a beer and a bag of chips, we'll be making the young lions nervous. They'll wonder what in the hell the old man has been taking. Let them wonder.
Stay Alpha -  

Bill Thomas
Founder, Q5 Labs