Q5 - Protein Apple Pancakes

by William Thomas May 03, 2014

Everyone makes some variation of protein pancakes right?

If yours are tough, dry or rubbery then be ready to amaze yourself with this magic breakfast treat. This sooo much more satisfying than a shake, especially when you're really hungry or after a morning training session.

The recipe:

1 scoop Q5 Premium New Zealand Whey protein  (get your $8 credit with code PANCAKES during checkout!)

1/2 cup quick oats

1/3 cup natural applesauce

1 large organic egg

2 tablespoons cream

pinch sea salt

pinch of baking powder (critical - don't leave this out!)

Blend together the dry ingredients in a small mixing bowl, then add in egg, applesauce, and finally the cream using just enough to make a batter. Whip by hand for a minute to get a little air into the batter and then let sit while you heat a frying pan. Cook in coconut oil just like you would a regular pancake, flipping just as bubbles slow.

These will come out a lot more fluffy and crispy than you are used to with protein pancakes which can be pretty dense and rubbery. Absolutely delicious!


Use code PANCAKES during checkout to claim your $8 credit on Q5 Premium NZ Whey Protein!

William Thomas
William Thomas