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by William Thomas June 08, 2014

Kurt Osiander - Q5 Athlete

When I first saw Kurt Osiander teaching his 'Move of the Week' videos, I knew right away that he was a living example of the mantra we preach at Q5 - Stay Alpha™.

It's not about dominating over others, it's about dominating your own fears, beliefs, and self imposed limitations. Staying Alpha is a mindset for approaching life on your own terms, and never compromising what you believe in. It's about forging your own path, staying true to your own character, and reaching your full potential as a person. Most of us let outside pressures force us to bend to the will of society. We lose our edge and become passive and accepting of the burdens others place on us, whether those burdens are just or not.

Because the influence of society on our behavior is so powerful, and so subtle, it's important to see examples of people who have decided to live on their own terms, people who know how to Stay Alpha™. That's why I am so happy Q5 was able to participate in helping Stuart Cooper put together this fantastic profile of Q5 Athlete, Kurt Osiander.

Please enjoy the video, and share it with people who inspire you or people you know who are in a tough spot and could use a little inspiration. If you'd like to support the filmmaker, who travels around the world sleeping on academy mats to capture these kinds of images you can contribute here.

Stay Alpha -


** Warning: Course Language Throughout **


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William Thomas
William Thomas