What Supplements I'm Taking Today

by William Thomas April 02, 2015

As a supplement company owner I get asked a lot what supplements I take. It's hard to give a simple answer.

It varies depending on my current health and goals. I also take occasional breaks where I don't take any supplements for 7-14 days to clear out my system.

Sometimes I even take competitors products to see how well they work. If there is a product I want to use but we don't sell it, I'll source the raw materials and make up capsules myself in the test lab. Occasionally I will purchase supplements I can't make from online retailers.

If that sounds like a lot of hedging, it is. And here's the reason; just because I'm taking something, that doesn't mean you should take it. We might have very different health and goal requirements.

For instance, I'm not a bodybuilder or physique competitor. If I was I would be on a very different regimen. (And I would have to get my diet under much better control!) I'm also not an elite competitive athlete. So my regimen is customized for me, a 47 year old, banged up, combat sport hobbyist.

With all that out of the way, here is what I took today after lunch.

1. Groove XL - At 27 years old this stuff would have made it so I couldn't go out in public, at 47 it helps me feel and perform like I did 20 years ago.
2. T-888 Ultra Joint - Broken ankle, ACL surgery, sore hips, cracked ribs, roached shoulder, it all adds up. This keeps me mobile and on the mats.
3. BP8-Stinger - Helps with endurance and nerve function, also provides some crucial amino acids.
4. ALCAR - Brain food and cellular energy.
5. FLOW - A mental focus enhancer I've been enjoying lately, from FLOW Athletics.
6. PRO-15 Hyperbiotics - A time release probiotic to help with gut health.
7. KO3+ Krill - The best source of highly available Omega 3s on the planet, no fishy burps.


I also had 10,000 iu of our Vitamin D3.

Before I teach class tonight, I'll have 1 scoop of Launch Fuel mixed in Skratch to help me keep up with the young lions. After class I'll make a smoothie with Pure NZ Whey protein, almond milk, and Warrior Green. And right before bed I'll take our Overnight Recovery Maxistak - a new cocoa flavored version we've been testing and are about to roll out.

If all this sounds like a lot of pills and potions, it is. Before I turned 40 I never took any supplements, not even whey protein. But since I started getting a little older and learning more about nutrition and supplementation these are the things that help me feel more active, healthy, and full of energy.

So, what should you take?

If you're confused about what you should be taking, you're not alone. The internet is filled with misinformation. Good science can be hard to come by even for the most trusted supplements. Not only that, but everyone is unique and what works for someone else might not work for you.

So if you'd like some advice on supplements just click the 'Contact Us' tab below and let me know your current goals and any health concerns or dietary restrictions. It might take me a day or so, but I'll respond honestly with my best advice, no charge, no obligation. If we don't sell something I think would help you I'll tell you where you can get it.

Stay Alpha -


William Thomas
William Thomas