Robson Moura Training for Polaris

by William Thomas August 18, 2015

Q5 Athlete Robson Moura is getting ready for his big match with Baret Yoshida at the Polaris Invitational event on September 12th! If you have a grueling training schedule Q5 products can help you push further and recover faster. Use code ROBSON to save 10% on your next order!


Everyday I feel better,on my condition training @cooper_sportsperformance is amazing, if you wanna be the best you have to train with the best, also my Jiujitsu is in the best shape ever, the RMNU family is push me to my best everyday,a especial thanks to @q5labs @tatamifightwear and #bjjmentalcoach for the great support and make my training much more fun, @polaris_professional here I go :) I can't wait September 12th in UK, don't miss that guys, great fights for the martial arts lovers. A minha preparação pra minha luta no @polaris_professional estar ótima, muito obrigado os treinadores na @cooper_sportsperformance e todos os atletas e prof da #rmnu por me puxar nos treinos todos os dias, muito obrigado Tb os meus patrocinadores por acreditar no meu trabalho e facilitar ainda mais os meus treinos @q5labs @tatamifightwear #bjjmentalcouch #rmnu #rmnuseminars #bjj #polaris #ibjjf #ufc #mma #gopro #tampabay #jiujitsulifestyle #rmnunationsunited #adcc #gi #ng #submission #champion

Posted by Robson Moura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

William Thomas
William Thomas