by William Thomas April 14, 2012

L-glutamine is one of the most common secretagogues found in humans. This means that it’s a molecule that triggers the release of other molecules. One secretagogue can promote the release of a number of other chemicals all over the body. In the case of L-glutamine, these molecules will then go on to promote immune cell growth and division, lower inflammation, promote digestive health, and even help as a pain-killer. It’s an important product that your body produces naturally.

However, deficiencies are often seen after a hard workout, and L-glutamine can be hard to replenish. It’s most often found in meats, but unfortunately heat (say, from your grill) breaks it down and lowers its effectiveness. Some of the only other foods you can find L-glutamine in are raw spinach and beets.

So why is L-glutamine so important? It lowers inflammation, triggers immune cell growth and division, helps with digestion, and acts as a secretagogue - stimulating the release of important hormones and molecules throughout the body. And since L-glutamine is a naturally occurring molecule in your body, it isn’t going to have nasty side effects. (Have you ever seen what chronic Advil usage can do to your liver?)

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William Thomas
William Thomas