Road Trip Inspires a new Soap, and How You Can get Some for Free

by William Thomas April 20, 2013

A few years ago my brother and I took a motorcycle trip through the mountains, forests, and high desert country of New Mexico. For an entire week we would wake up, pack the bikes(Which didn't take too long, we just had 2 pairs of jeans, a few shirts, and riding gear.) find a diner for some coffee and bacon, and then just ride. When we got hungry and tired we would stop for lunch, and then ride again till we couldn't stay in the saddle any longer. Dinner was a steak and a beer at a roadhouse, or maybe a homemade burrito from a local stand. Every bend in the road revealed another breathtaking landscape.


My brother Mike stretching his legs as we roll down the road

my brother Mike stretching his legs while we roll down the highway


It was a great trip that I'll always remember, and I hope we can go again some day.


While we were riding I kept catching these quick fleeting hints of an amazing scent that I didn't recognize. Eventually it burned itself deep into my memory. I had no idea what it was, but it perfectly captured the essence of the rugged New Mexico mountains. On the last day of the trip we were in a little souvenir stand picking up gifts for the family. While browsing around a back table I stumbled on a homemade box of incense. I had discovered the source of that mysterious scent, New Mexico Pinion Pine. I've saved that little incense box for years, and a few months ago I sent it to my friend Bon, the owner of FightSoap.


Bon has a magical talent with scents, and I wanted to know if he thought he could make it into a soap. If anyone could do it, it would be Bon. He's crafted dozens of unique scents for his line of products. They all get great reviews and his special editions sell out in hours at $7.99 a bar. He's the king of luxury soap for men. It took him a little while, but after some trial and error, I think he's just about nailed it. So I asked him to brew up a small test run of about 100 bars. This first batch has the mystical Pinion Pine scent just right, but it's very subtle. I'm going to see if he can kick it up a notch if we ever run another batch.


I've been sharing a few bars of my stash with family and friends, and adding a bar here and there to the Q5 boxes of big orders or VIP customers. I may commission another run at some point, but I don't know when. And this particular soap will never be available for sale on the website.


Our private stash of Pinion Pine soap crafted by Bon from FightSoap

I've set aside 50 bars for subscribers to our text specials list. If you want to be on the list, just text HOOKMEUP to 207-517-4242, that's it. We send out a discount code or special deal 1x each week that is only available to subscribers. In other words, we're not going to SPAM your phone - you'll get a single message 1x/week.


This weekend, the code will be for a FREE bar of our Pinion Pine soap with orders over $50. It's good for the first 50 orders only, we'll be out of stock after that, so this may be your only chance to score some.


If you like to ride, you need to add New Mexico to your bucket list, amazing country and well worth the trip. I'd love to trade stories with you if you've ever been, so let me know. I'll tell you about the time we almost died trying to outrun a monstourous thunderstorm on the open prairie.


Stay Alpha,




William Thomas
William Thomas