Why in the Hell Did You Go and Start Yet Another Supplement Company?

I was never a supplement guy when I was younger. I'd see these roided out cartoon character dudes with bad skin and fake tans pimping the latest miracle pill and think, "Who falls for this BS?" Besides that, I could drink and smoke all night, have cold pizza for breakfast, and still go hard the next day.

I thought I was invincible.

And then I started getting older. The nagging little injuries, the aches and pains in the morning, the cardio not holding up as well as it used to. I felt like I could use a little help.

I'm 47 and I teach and train at least a few times a week in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (sort of a cross between Judo and Wrestling with lots of chokes and joint locks) Most of the guys in my club are younger, some literally half my age. Rolling around with these tough kids while they try their best to choke me unconscious can really take a toll!

So I went looking online and in the local supplement shop and came back with just a lot of confusion and frustration. It seemed like there were products designed for 23 year old kids fantasizing about looking like the Incredible Hulk, and tree hugging hippy chicks, but nothing for me. A regular guy with a job and career who trains a lot harder than a typical weekend warrior.

So I gave up again and figured I was just getting older and would have to accept increased soreness, slower recovery, and less dynamic performance. I just figured we all get old eventually.

At the time I was publishing a newsletter called BJJ Weekly. We traveled around the country interviewing and filming the top athletes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I started to talk to some of the athletes and their trainers about their nutrition and supplementation and discovered a few secrets that really helped my own recovery and training. Once I got some positive results I dug deep into the medical literature and science around supplements. That led to studying traditional herbal therapy and medicine. I spent a few years as my own human guinea pig while I tested what I learned.

It was working.

I'm sure you've got some battle scars. I know that in my 47 years my body has seen more than its fair share of abuse from grappling, football, the Marine Corps, and just general hard living. I've had more bumps, breaks, tears, and contusions than I can count.

But those things don't hold me back from training anymore.

With proper nutrition and supplementation I believe we can keep pursuing our passions for many years to come. The way I feel right now I think I can go till at least 70!


So if you're interested in products that help serious amateur athletes train harder, recover faster, and feel better, you're in the right place. I started Q5 Labs to create clean and effective formulas for guys like us.

We design high quality products that work, without all the hype and bullshit.

These are the core ideas I believe are important to Q5:

And while most guys our age are passed out in their La-Z-Boy with a beer and a bag of chips, we'll be making the young lions nervous. They'll wonder what in the hell the old man has been taking.

Let them wonder.

Stay Alpha -

Bill Thomas
Founder, Q5 Labs

PS - We are a tiny little company in a sea of giant sharks. The good thing about that is you can always reach a real person if you have a question about our products. Just email support  @ and I or someone on my staff will get right back to you.