Must See! New Stuart Cooper short film featuring Q5 Athlete Nic Gregoriades!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know about an amazing new short film featuring my friend Nic Gregoriades and shot by another friend, the ultra talented Stuart Cooper.

Nic just got back from a trip to Thailand, where Stuart is living and training. They got some time to shoot a bunch of footage - rolling, drilling, philosophy, some insights into the nature of our life as martial artists, and of course the beautiful Thai scenery.

I don't watch a lot of videos on line, but this was really fantastic and I was hooked right away. As a special treat, Q5 customers are getting free access to the video, just enter your email address in the box and we'll send you a private link to the full version of the short film.

I know there was some talk of rolling this footage up into a bigger project down the road so I'm not sure how long this will be available, make sure you get it today while it's still free.

It's made me want to go over to Thailand to train a little bit, maybe I'll see you there one day!

Stay Alpha -


Check out the trailer below -