Pure New Zealand Whey Protein

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Whey protein helps fuel workouts, build muscle, speed recovery, burn fat , and reduce hunger. It's the cornerstone of smart supplementation.

Q5 Pure New Zealand Whey Protein is the cleanest whey protein on the planet. We source all of our whey from grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free cows who pasture in the pristine natural beauty of New Zealand.

Why bother sourcing from New Zealand? Doesn't that make our whey more expensive?

Most whey from major brands comes from a single multinational company that operates dairy farms in 32 countries around the world, including India and China. If you’ve ever seen a low budget Chinese dairy farm with sickly cows crammed into a polluted factory farm, you’d know why some whey tastes so bad and has to be heavily flavored and processed just to be remotely edible.

The strict New Zealand dairy laws help establish the quality of our whey. After sourcing the finest whey available, we carefully flavor it with natural ingredients like organic cocoa and pure vanilla. We don’t use any artificial ingredients, flavors, or sweeteners.

The first time you open a tub of Q5 Pure New Zealand Whey Protein you’ll immediately notice the difference in smell, color, and texture. When you taste it you’ll be amazed at the difference our ingredients and source make or we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase price with 0 hassles.

It’s not just taste and smell, our carefully sourced whey is also higher in critical amino acids and immunoglobulins.

If you’re purchasing a whey protein to improve your health and fitness, it only makes sense to purchase the best quality you can afford. This critical athlete’s staple isn’t the place to skimp.


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